Tourism Winnipeg

Graphic Series Concepts


Hey team, here is our new cathedral. 


As discussed, here were our revisions

  • We reduced the overall details
  • We increased the contrast – the illustration now includes a light (white) mid-tone (coral) and dark (purple)
  • We added some subtle texture
  • We also forced the perspective to show the right side of the building

We also adjusted our typography.


  • Because the illustration now features more contrast – it visually becomes "the hero" and the typo is complimentary
  • We adjusted it's position to avoid covering the illustration – this would work for all illustrations in the series
  • We used WPG vs Winnipeg to the letters could remain legible at smaller sizes. 

Here is our previous version for reference


We started with an illustration and some typography. 


Then we combined them and added colour.


At first glance we thought the graphic implied the building behind it is Winnipeg – which isn't ideal. 


However, we're thinking this won't be the case when the entire series is shown. 



Alternate Colours

Alternate Colours

Alternate Colours

Alternate Colours


Here are some sample applications.