Fashioning   an    Identity

w/ Ted Whetter


The short & Sweet

We developed a visual identity and concept art w/ Ted Whetter – menswear designer. 



Here's some select artwork – read the whole story below. 


The Whole Story


Ted Whetter is a fashion designer based in Canada. He came to us looking for a logo before the launch of this latest collection of men's garment. We designed his visual identity and after his collection launched, we developed concept art based on photography of his garments. 

Ted Whetter

Raised in south-western Manitoba, Ted studied at The School of Fashion Studies at George Brown College in Toronto. In 2014, he was selected as one of the top 25 finalists for Telio's National Design Competition. 

Our focus

Visual Identity
Concept Art




First, we had to understand his vision.



By looking at his black and white portrait, you might imagine Ted Whetter as an ordinary client. 

You could even read his biography (below) and preserve your mental image of Ted as an average, traditional client.


Ted Whetter is a fashion designer based in Canada. His design aesthetic abandons normality, presenting an obscure vision of gender. Before specializing in fashion design, Ted studied special effects makeup for film at Vancouver Film School. 
His designs are often noted for their intricate detail, consideration of fabrics, and ability to link allure with natural comfort.


But Ted isn't your average client.

In fact, he isn't your average anything.



These portraits reveal the provocative, sinister, and grotesque aesthetic that continues to captivate and inspire Ted.


Understanding his style and aesthetic design helped us fashion a visual identity that suited his vision and objectives. 



We translated his identity into a symbol. 

visual identity



Being a visual designer himself, Whetter didn't need an entire visual identity (colours, typography, graphics, etc) – rather he needed a symbol to brand his materials. 


The logo combines three visual elements:

  • Inverted Cross – synonymous with the occult and satan.
  • Medieval Flag – used as a visual trigger to identify factions.
  • Letters 'T' and 'W' – the initials of Ted Whetter.



The logo can be displayed with clean, perfect lines to portray a sense of refinement and polish. 


Alternatively, the logo can be displayed with hand-drawn imperfection to convey a raw, human feeling. 


Stylized Logos



We created concept art based on the garnments in his collections. 

Concept Art



 Inspired by depictions of dystopian futures, Whetter's collection conveys a sense of darkness and authority. Technology plays an influential role in his vision of the future. 



Whetter's sketches illustrate a particular social class in his dystopian future. His designs allude to religious and cult-like themes. 



Our task was to enhance the photos of ted's garments. 


Video Teaser

Ben Myers produced a teaser video to promote the F/W16 collection. 


FInal Thoughts

w/studio did a great job understanding my vision – they even helped develop some core concepts. Beyond the artwork, I really appreciated the process. It always felt collaborative and natural to work together. 

Ted Whetter
Men's Fashion Designer

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