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Our Approach + Timeline

All Method. No Madness.



We've been making visual identities for the past ten years and refining our approach all along the way. It's designed to make effective identities and happy clients without making budgets explode. Just to be clear, the following isn't a step-by-step instructions list à la microwave dinner, rather, it's our a general overview designed to keep everyone aligned. 



A. Understanding + Perceptions
B. Research + Examples
C. Concepts + Revisions
D. Delivery + Support


A. Understanding + Perceptions

Our first step is to understand as much as we can about the goals of the project, the people involved, and the constraints – time and budget for example.  At this point we will provide an estimated cost range. 

At this point we also explore the desired perceptions of your organization and how those perceptions shape people's actions and support your goals. Should your identity be perceived as 'modern' or 'classic'? (for example).  


For more on desired perceptions read our worksheet.



1 - 2


B. Research + Examples

Before picking up a sketch pad, we'll research your colleagues and competitors to see how they are presenting themselves. 

Our final step before designing our own visual identity, is to share examples of logos, colours, graphics, etc. in the direction we believe is appropriate as well as logos, colours, graphics that don't help achieve our goals. This approach allows us to discuss and analyze elements of the visual identity without spending time developing and designing our own. 

At this point we will provide a firm cost. 



3 - 4


C. concepts + Revisions

The fun part! We'll take all we've learned about the project's goals, your organization's desired perceptions, research, and examples of logos, colours, graphics etc. and create a few different concepts. We'll review the concepts together and make revisions as we see fit. In our experience it usually takes one or two rounds of feedback to get it right. 

Deliverable Elements

  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography Choices
  • Supporting Graphics

If appropriate, we'll create a visual identity guideline.



5 - 6


D. delivery + Support

Once we're happy with the visual identity and all its elements , we'll create all versions required (black and white, one-colour, two-colour, reverse, etc.) and generate the graphics in all industry standard file formats (.eps, .ai, .jpg, .png, etc.). All files will be delivered in an easy to use .zip package.

Our experience tells us there will likely be a need for some support after the visual identity has been delivered. These types of tasks would be handled at an hourly rate of 75$.



7 - 8