Manitoba  vs   The World



Manitoba  vs   The World

This printed visualization places Manitoba on a global stage, comparing its size and shape to other regions. 



w/ only one neighbouring country, Canada and its provinces can feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Designed by Ty Johnston of w/studio, this print places Manitoba on a global stage and gives context to its vastness. Part tribute, part data visualization, it connects regions previously isolated. This print is part of w/studio's series of geographic and environmental visualizations. 

Print Details

Size – 50cm x 70cm / 19.7" x 27.5" 
Colour – Acrylic Ink
Printing – Hand Silk-Screened
Stock – Stongehenge warm white 90lb


Canadian Made

Designed/Printed in Montréal, Winnipeg and Saskatoon. 


Region shapes by Ted Grajeda.


The print fits nicely into a standard Ikea frame. 


Made w/

Made by Ty Johnston w/ the help of Jeanette Johns, Michael Peterson, Andrew Lodwick, and Ben Myers.


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Size of Manitoba

Manitoba is 649,950 square kilometres – This is equal to 160,606,143 acres and roughly 80 million CFL football fields.

Map Projections

The shapes are based on the Mercator map projection we’re used to seeing – like Google maps – but adjusted in size according to the Winkel Tripel projection – like National Geographic’s map of the world. To project the spherical surface of our earth onto a flat surface (like the print) we have to make some adjustments. The Winkel Tripel projection is the most accurate representation of size and the Mercator projection provides the most accurate shapes.

The World

The print shows these regions – Texas, England, Iraq, Japan, Iceland, North Korea, Colombia, Kenya, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Paraguay, Egypt, Romania, Cuba, and New Zealand. 


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