you're a gem.


I love working w/ you.

That's why I'm starting a quote unquote studio to collaborate with people like you more often. It's called w/studio and I'd love if you could be a part of it. 

w/studio is a collection of artists and creatives, working together on projects they are passionate about. By being a member, the studio would list your services and when the right project comes along, we'll join forces as we normally do. By joining forces, members can approach projects they couldn't handle alone. 


I live to turn dreams and ideas into realities. I'm addicted to the rush of new ideas and the satisfaction of seeing a project come to fruition. Since I'm going to spend the rest of my days making things, I want to make them w/ you. Read more about w/studio here.


By using the w/studio name on all collaborative projects, the studio gains equity and value as a creative organization. w/studio will have it's own website/portfolio so people can see what we can do when we work together. 


What i need from you

Nothing. Honestly, you don't have to do or give anything.



I want to make sure this works for both of us. 


More great projects

As a member of the studio, you can use w/studio's name/website/portfolio when pitching or considering new creative projects which would require a team. 



If you ever need graphic templates or stock photos you'll have access to our subscriptions at Bigstock and Pixeden and our digital templates from Creative Market.

the goods

You'll get a copy of all the prints we produce as well as occasional gifts like beer from my brewery, merch from my CBC store, or whatever else I'm working on. 


SO why do you need me?

When I work on projects, I often collaborate with people like you in my trusted network of creatives. By listing your skills as something the studio can provide to people, the studio has more appeal. 

How Does This Relate to my Own Practice/Freelance?

Keep doing your thing. This will have no impact on your existing practice/freelance contract work. If you ever want to pitch/work on a project where you need help outside of your skills, we're here for you. 

What's the Value of the Studio?

By pooling our skills together, we can take on projects we wouldn't normally be able to handle. Also this allows people looking for help to avoid paying the high rates of design agencies.

Is w/studio a Company? 

No. We've decided to build the studio as an collection of contractors rather than an official company. Because companies need to pay employees every two weeks, they tend to seek out projects 'just to pay the bills'. 

Would I be an Employee?

No. You'd be a contractor setting your own terms, rate, and dinner plate. 

Will my Name & Face be on the Studio's Website?

We'd love to show off our talent but only if you're comfortable with that. In either case, we'd list your skills as something the studio can provide.  

Who Are the Other Members?

Ty Johnston
Visual & Brand Design

Ted Whetter
Fashion Design

Elise Windsor
Photography, Creative Direction, Interior Design

Cam Forbes
Visual Artist

Leanne Schmidt
Creative Direction, Product Development, Marketing

Joel Blair of Detraform
Creative Direction, Product Design

Roberta Landreth of Treehouse
Visual Design, Album Art

Matt Salo

Will aka Wrolf Bronesby

Aaron Ives
Photography & Marketing






Let us know if you're interested