Rivers  of   Canada

This printed visualization highlights our rivers and reveals natural occurring textures by omitting all other details.

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Designed by Ty Johnston of w/studio, this print highlights the rivers of Canada. Part tribute, part data visualization, it reveals and celebrates the veins of our environment. This print was inspired by the idea that rivers are not only an environmental resource (providing habitat and food) but also a spiritual resource to Canadians. This print is the first in a series of environmental visualizations by w/studio. 

Print Details

Size – 122cm x 91cm / 48" x 36" 
Colour – Monocolour Pantone
Printing – Offset Lithography
Stock – FSC Rolland End Leaf 80lb


100% Canadian Made

Designed in Montréal + Winnipeg by w/studio. 
Printed in Altona w/ Canadian-made paper.
Photos in Winnipeg by Aaron Ives w/ Monique Espino.


Government of Canada; 
Natural Resources Canada; Earth Sciences Sector; Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation. 


The print displayed in the photographs is mounted w/ a custom frame from Well Made. The print does not include the custom frame. 


Made w/

This project was made by Ty Johnston w/ the help of Aaron Ives, Monique Espino, Paul Beaudry, Jeanette Johns, Kyle Owens, Ben Myers, Alisa Mayberry & Greg Mayberry. Thank you all. 


Please email ty@with.studio