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Logo   &    Slogan

w/ the BU BOBCATs


Hi, we're w/studio.

We're born and raised in Brandon so nothing would make us prouder than to help develop the Bobcats logo and slogan.

We'd love to setup a meeting to walk you through our past projects, our approach, and our costs
– in the meantime, please review our proposal below. Learn more about us here.


In this proposal

01 Portfolio

02 Our Team

03 Approach

04 Cost

05 References



Our Portfolio 

Meaningful Projects & Happy Clients




Brandon University

We designed a visual identity system to reflect the character of the university.



We developed a visual identity and turned their tech into a consumer product.


Sports Logos

Manitoba Falcons

Manitoba Sledge Hockey


Various Logos

Here are some of the logos we've made over the past ten years. 


local pride

Manitoba vs the World

Our printed visualization places Manitoba on a global stage, comparing its size and shape to other regions. 


Golden boys

This print shows the figure atop Manitoba's legislature building.

A great city

This print shows Winnipeg's Portage and Main intersection in 1954.




Manitoba's newest brewery, La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing co., is proudly co-owned by w/studio members Ty Johnston and Ben Myers. 



Our Team

Passionate People


Ty Johnston

Born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba Ty is w/studio's founder.

Ty is a maker. When he isn’t starting some new visual project, he’s listening to music, riding his bike, and spending time with his family.

Ty comes from a visual design background having worked at Manitoba’s largest advertising agency before shifting to the freelance world for the last 6 years working with international brands (WestJet, Nike, Safeway) and local organizations (City of Winnipeg, Health Sciences Centre, Brandon University). He loves all things visual from branding and visual identity to websites and apps. If you can see it, Ty has designed it…and added more white space.

His role is this project will be project lead and visual artist.

Professional Highlights

Art Director at Manitoba’s (then) Largest Agency, Think Shift

Freelance graphic artist for brands such as WestJet, Nike, and Safeway.

Founder of TheSignalStore.ca

Founder of w/studio

Creator of local-theme prints – ‘A Great City’, ‘MB vs The World’, and ‘The Golden Boy.’

Favourite Quote – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”



Ben Myers

Also born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba Ben is w/studio's director of marketing.

Ben loves making things and is addicted to the challenge of trying something new. When he’s not coming up with new ideas or building on existing projects, you can find him outdoors, listening to music, or spending time with this family.  

Coming from a tech and marketing background, Ben has founded many startups and spends his days as a Product Manager at Robots and Pencils, an app development company. Before working on apps, Ben was VFX compositor and manager on a number of Hollywood blockbuster films such as Avatar and The Hunger Games. In 2014, Ben won the ‘One To Watch Award’ from Assiniboine Community College –  recognizing exceptional achievement and significant contribution to the recipient’s profession and/or community.

His role is this project will be research and account support.

Professional Highlights

Managing director at Robots and Pencils

Founder of the fitness app Cakewalk.

Co-founder of Beep Boop, a slack bot hosting platform.

Co-founder of Anthm, social music service.

Favourite Quote – “If you're the smartest person in the room you're in the wrong room.”




Our Approach + Timeline

All Method. No Madness.



We've been making logos for the past ten years and refining our approach all along the way. It's designed to make effective logos and happy clients without making budgets explode. Just to be clear, the following isn't a step-by-step instructions list à la microwave dinner, rather, it's our a general overview designed to keep everyone aligned. 



A. Understanding + Perceptions
B. Research + Examples
C. Concepts + Revisions
D. Delivery + Support


A. Understanding + Perceptions

Our first step is to understand as much as we can about the goals of the project, the people involved, and the constraints – time and budget for example.  

At this point we also explore the desired perceptions of the Bobcats' logo and slogan and how those perceptions shape people's actions and support BU's goals. Should the Bobcats' logo and slogan be perceived as 'modern' or 'classic'? (for example).  
For more on desired perceptions read this blog post we wrote.




Estimated Date

Feb 15 – Mar 1


B. Research + Examples

Before picking up a sketch pad, we'll research the logos of BU's colleagues and competitors, other relevant sports organizations using the 'bobcat' as their symbol, as well as trends in the world of sport team identities. This will be an ideal time to review BU's competitors' slogans.

Our final step before designing our own logos and slogan, is to share examples of existing logos and slogans in the direction we'd like the design go as well as logos and slogans that don't fit our goals. This approach allows us to discuss and analyze elements of the logo/slogan without spending time developing and designing our own. 





Mar 1 – Mar 15


E. concepts + Revisions

The fun part! We'll take all we've learned about the project's goals, the Bobcats' desired perceptions, research, and examples of logos and slogans and create a few different concepts. We'll review the concepts together and make revisions as we see fit. In our experience it usually takes one or two rounds of feedback to get it right. 





Mar 15 – Apr 1


G. delivery + Support

Once we've landed on a logo, we'll create all versions of the logo and slogan (black and white, one-colour, two-colour, reverse, etc.) and generate the logo and slogan in all industry standard file formats (.eps, .ai, .jpg, .png, etc.). All files will be delivered in an easy to use .zip package.

Our experience tells us there will likely be a need for some support after the logo and slogan have been delivered. For example, there may be a press release about the new logo and it might benefit from some visuals to help explain the new logo. These types of tasks would be handled at an hourly rate of 75$.





Apr 1 – Apr 15

We should note April 1st is not an ideal date to launch a new logo...or anything for that matter.




Right on the Money


The following cost is a general estimate as we're very early in the project and unsure of the complete scope. 


cost range

The primary reason for the range in costs is the fact we aren't able to predict which tasks can be done with relative ease (fewer hours) and which require a comprehensive approach (more hours). Some tasks, such as research, can be completed by BU Bobcat marketing staff eliminating all hours. 


A. Understanding + Perceptions

B. Research + Examples

C. Concepts + Revisions

D. Delivery + Support

500 – 1000$

500 – 1000$

1000 – 4000$

500 – 1000$


2500 – 7000$




Speaking Volumes

Colin Whitney

Manager, Creative Services
Direct Focus

Colin is my former-creative director, mentor, and current client.

(204) 947-6912

Colleen Holloway

Manager, Digital Communications

Colleen is a former co-worker and current client of mine.

(204) 254-9299

Leanne Schmidt

Director of Product Marketing

Leanne is a former co-worker and current client of mine. 

(778) 231-6796


IN THIS PROPOSAL – 01 Portfolio      02 Our Team      03 Approach      04 Cost      05 References


Thank you for your time. 

We'd love to walk you through this proposal in person or over the phone sometime.


Ty Johnston           ty@with.studio        (514) 627.0640