Research   &    Direction

for the BU bobcats logo


Hey team!

Today's meeting is to align ourselves in regards to the creative direction of the Bobcats' logo. 


01. Our Goals & Desired Perceptions

02. Trends in Sports Logos

03. Canada West Logos & Bobcat Logos

04. Logos Matching Our Creative Direction



Where do we want to end up?

goals and desired perceptions


& Outcomes

We have an exciting opportunity to evolve the Bobcats logo. Our shared success is a new logo that elicits pride, reduces cost, and places the Bobcats in a modern context.

As leaders in sport (on the local, regional, and national level) we need to look the part. This logo will show others we care about ourselves, giving them permission to do the same.


Key Actions


In order to achieve the goals and outcomes above we need the following actions to happen:

  1. Our engaged supporters remain engaged with the Bobcats.
  2. Our potential supporters (Brandon and area general public) need to engage with the Bobcats.
  3. The top talent is attracted to the Bobcats – players, coaches, staff, etc. 

Desired Perceptions

To produce the key actions above, we need to be perceived as:



Emotional appeal – people will cheer for their favourite team whether they are winning or losing, as long as the game is close. As long as it's competitive.  

People need to feel the Bobcats are at par with their competitors in order to support them. Otherwise they lose interest or even feel foolish to have given their time and effort.

Our logo needs to convey the Bobcats as a high-performance athletic organization ready to fight to win. 


Emotional appeal – people subscribe to a brand and support it because they feel it says something about themselves. Wearing a 'Rolling Stones' t-shirt doesn't help you listen to their music, it tells other people you're cool. 

People need to feel the Bobcats are cool in order to support them. Otherwise they may still love the team(s) but not show their support as they are embarrased. 

Our logo needs to convey the Bobcats as a relevant, modern, and popular athletic organization.


We need people to understand the open and inviting  nature of Bobcat Nation. 

Otherwise, people may not support or engage with the Bobcats as they are seen as insular or unwelcoming. 



Let's look at logos in the direction we'd like to go in 

logos matching our creative direction


Let's review some logos we feel are in the right (and wrong direction) for the Bobcats.