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bobcats logo – creative brief



So the BU Bobcats need a new logo and w/studio needs your help to make it happen. Let's review...


01 Background

02 Project Status

03 Your Help




In 2015, w/studio designed Brandon University's visual identity – now their athletic organization, the Bobcats, is looking for a new logo. The Bobcats participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, curling, etc. 




Project Status

So far, we've explored the Bobcats goals and desired perceptions and done research into sports logos – check out our findings here. We've also captured many logos which fit our desired perceptions and creative direction in this document




Your help

We're now ready to explore some concepts for the logo. 




  • One (or two?) Colour –The primary version of this logo must work in one colour (some versions of the logo can be enhanced with additional colours if needed.)
  • Bobcat Symbol – We need to some either a bobcat head, a bobcat's full body, or it's paw as part of the logo.
  • Bobcat name – Consider how we'll integrate the title 'Bobcats' or 'Brandon University Bobcats' within the logo.
  • Crest or Badge – Our logo must depict a badge, crest, or frame around itself. We do not want a floating 'bobcat head' as our logo.