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Rivers  of   Canada


Working together is the best only way to grow.



We're a collection of artists who love to weave our skills w/ our passions.



Working together is the best and only way to enact growth in projects, people, and well...anything. Like fibres spun into rope, we are all stronger when we work as one. 

This is the spirit that shapes our studio.



We live to turn dreams and ideas into realities. We're addicted to the rush of new ideas and the satisfaction of seeing a project come to fruition. We believe if people don't create, they resort to a life of consumption and critique.



We believe in Mahatma Gandhi's concept of "being the change" we wish to see in the world. This means striving for small, incremental advances every day. This allows us to lean into our work, learn, adjust, and celebrate more victories.



Our first love is visual design including graphic design, illustration, photography, product design, print making, and copywriting. Our second love is brand design – the art of helping organizations reveal their purpose to their audience. 


All photos above were created w/ artist Elise Windsor


We design and sell prints.


Rivers of Canada

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